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Keynote presentations, panel discussions, roundtable debates, market updates and much more.


What challenges are aftermarket players likely to face in the next few years? When will demand return to pre-COVID levels? Will the after-effects of the pandemic alter the industry’s structure and dynamics for years to come? What are the innovations that are causing disruption in the automotive aftermarket industry? What are the key growth markets in the next 5 years?

The Academy over the years has been an integral part of Automechanika Dubai providing in-depth industry insights, strategic market updates and thought-provoking discussions.

The Academy hosted a myriad of high-profile delegates alongside international experts, key government authorities and leading industry players where they discussed the most pressing issues and analysed the changing dynamics of the global automotive aftermarket industry.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2022 edition of Automechanika Dubai. 

Key Themes

  • Industry trends
  • Innovation
  • Women in Automotive
  • Future Mobility
  • Product sections focus
  • Insurance & vehicle testing
  • AfriConnections
  • Training for workshop/garage professionals

Core Topics

  • Dubai's Automotive Trade Stats of 2020 
  • Automotive Aftermarket by 2025 
  • Future of the automotive aftermarket 
  • Aftermarket, testing & insurance - The need for standards on the repair estimating process 
  • Products & technology driving innovation in the Region 
  • Disruption in Automotive Aftermarket 
  • Preparing for an EV future - Potential in the region 
  • Standardization Think-tank 
  • How to keep garages profitable 
  • How to diversify in services provided 
  • Marketing for garage owners, all you need to know  
  • Professional Reskilling, Workforce Retention in a dynamic marketplace
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) – From Technology to Repair
  • EV repair: What you need to know
  • Car Modifications for garages
  • Smart repair tools and equipment 
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Safety within the Automotive Aftermarket 
  • Standardization: Need for Monitoring, Inspection, Enforcement - Garages / Workshops
  • Tire Regulations - Import/export rules, anti-dumping in MEA region
  • Focus on 4 x 4 markets
  • Topics surround aftermarket car care/car washes
  • New growth markets, new channels, consolidation of supply chain 
  • Systems integration 
  • Connectivity - for security and efficiency systems 
  • Regulation, technology, maturing markets, autonomous vehicles 
  • Managing aftermarket logistics in the region
  • Automotive Digital Retailing 
  • New Business models in car ownership
  • The Future of Fleet management

Past Academy Speakers

For more information on any aspect of the Conference, talk to us

Anna Arzua MacMillan

Conference Director

Anna Arzua MacMillan